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What does OPplus offer?

OPplus is a branch solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and it has numerous elegant simplifications ready for finance management. Choose from the following modules:

Payment import of bank statements

The Payment Import module organizes your payments and has transparency for applied entries and associated payments. In addition to automatic payment application and automatic pre-accounting features, it enables quick importing of customer advices and account balances. With optimized search routines, you can accelerate the manual application of remaining payments. The Payment Import module is divided into the Extended Application, File Import, Cash Book and Cash Receipt areas.

Extended Application:
With the Extended Application area, you can apply one payment to several invoices by granting payment discounts on individual invoices and leaving the remaining amounts unapplied. The Extended Application module offers a clear overview of your payments in the Trial Balance and simplifies your payments by the automatic entry of remaining application amounts in a second general journal line, clearing any differences resulting from under/overpayments and relieving the original dimensions of applied document lines when posting payment discounts.

File Import:
The File Import area enables you to import freely definable bank statement files and payment advices in text and Excel formats. With a comprehensive form which is divided into three parts you have a quick overview of the journal lines, statement data and open entries. With the File Import feature, payment advices in the REMADV format (EDI) can be processed without having to convert them prior to import, and interfaces for new bank accounts can be created automatically.

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Payment Export

With this module, you can create payment proposals with accompanying documents, e. g. payment list, payment protocol, payment advice.

It enables you to simplify your payments processes:

  • Create payment proposals in several SEPA or ISO PAYMENT in one step.
  • Distribute the total payment amount to several orderer banks.
  • Quickly view and change, if required, the assigned bank account and the purpose which are already shown in the payment proposal. Benefit from features which also enable the display of all undue entries.
  • Release features for your company’s internal security.
  • Create payment advices in the CSV format to provide them to your business partners.

Managing of open entries on G/L Accounts

You can create open entries for G/L accounts – similar to your customer and vendor accounts, print open entries list for the G/L accounts or export them to Excel, which is especially a benefit for e. g. your “Cash Transit“, “Transitory Entries“ or “Accrued Income Entries“ accounts.

Extendet Lists and Reports

With this module, you have optimized views of entries per G/L account, customer, and vendor – both on screen and in the printed report. You can quickly find and drill-down into the underlying sales or purchase order via the “Navigate“ feature, add comments to your ledger entries and print them if required – in the detail trial balance, in the open entries list, or separately.

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Extendet Analysis

In this module, several adjustments have been implemented for the Account Schedule feature.
With the Extended Analysis module, you can create account schedules in a structured and transparent manner, enabling simplified and efficient account management.

You can define groups for your G/L Accounts for easier creating of account schedules and assign these groups to the G/L accounts. It is also easy to check if every account of the chart of account is assigned to a group. When printing accounts schedules, you can choose printing with detail (on account level) or not (on account group level). When printing with detail, the report prints all accounts assigned to a group. So you avoid to create 2 account schedules.

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Extendet Asset Management

The extended Fixed Assets module offers several features which do not exist in the standard application:

  • If you pay a purchase invoice for assets with a payment discount, the system will automatically reduce the acquisition costs in your Fixed Assets.
  • The creation of new fixed assets is significantly simplified by offering freely definable templates.
  • You can post a fixed asset with quantities and then easily create partial disposals.
  • You can display scrapping and sales separately and post them on separate G/L accounts in your General Ledger.
  • Furthermore, you can use our comprehensive reports, e. g. for asset disposals and asset additions as well as an inventory sheet.
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With this module, you can combine an unlimited number of customers into a customer association and any number of vendors into a vendor association. In the Extended Application, you can view all open entries of an association and assign payment amounts to the entire association. To clear open entries, you can make associations with any combination of customers and vendors.

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