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VAT Statement Preview

About VAT Statement Preview

VAT Statement preview localization for Luxembourg is an app enabling the parametrisation and the preview of the Luxemburgish VAT statement subject to the regulations.

Are you ready for VAT Statement preview?

Every company based in Luxembourg and subject to a monthly or quarterly VAT statement must submit a VAT statement through the eCDF System. The Luxemburgish VAT Statement is quite complex and requires distinguishing a lot of different VAT transactions but also to summarize values in different ways.

Screenshot VAT statement preview
Screenshot VAT statement preview total


Data-extended fields

Extended functionality for a more comfortable parametrization of the Luxemburgish VAT Statement

Luxembourgish Chart of Accounts

Possibility to preview the VAT base- and tax-values according to this parametrization



Saving time by doing the parametrization of the VAT-Statement

W1 database

See on the screen the VAT base- and tax-values to be declared